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v1.1.32 - Cloaked windows, InputHook OnKeyUp, PixelSearch reverse

Posted: 24 Nov 2019, 00:01
by lexikos
Changed commands and functions with a WinTitle parameter to treat cloaked windows as hidden.
Added support for reverse PixelSearch in fast mode. [PR #156 from changyuheng]
Added InputHook OnKeyUp callback.
Fixed GroupDeactivate to exclude the Desktop on Windows 10 (and possibly 8).
Fixed Switch treating strings as always true.
Fixed A_PriorKey being blank after Unicode characters are sent.
Fixed WinActivate to not assume NULL foreground window == taskbar.
Fixed Send {Del} not restoring AltGr after releasing it.
Fixed vk13 and sc045 as remap destination keys.
Removed unnecessary checks for Control and Sleep in one-line hotkeys.
Removed obsolete Windows 9x/NT4 support code and performed other maintenance.