AHK源代码加密器 v2.7

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Re: AHK源代码加密器 v2.7

17 Jan 2019, 04:16

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Re: AHK源代码加密器 v2.7

05 Oct 2019, 13:44

feiyue wrote:
07 Dec 2018, 20:44
Updated to 2.7 version - 2018/12/08
1. Add togetcode() function, It is used to contain the user's script itself.
2. The C source code of the machine code has been published.
Hello! where can i find the source code.
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Re: AHK源代码加密器 v2.7

27 Jan 2020, 14:39

If I encrypt my script, How can I un-encrypt my script in the future? Can I somehow use the togetcode(s) Function?
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Re: AHK源代码加密器 v2.7

30 Jan 2020, 15:55

Here is an example of getting the source code by yourself:
Tip: you must uncomment "; . togetcode(s)" from the encryptor script to enable togetcode(s)

Code: Select all

InputBox, password,, `n`nPlease input password:,,,,,,,, [email protected]
Msgbox, % Func("getcode").Call(password)
You can synchronously change the private password ([email protected])
in the encryptor script and user script to other strings.


Here is a more complex example:

Code: Select all

  Loop, Parse, s
    hash:=( hash*31+Ord(A_LoopField) ) & 0xFFFFFFFF
  return hash

; Change the private password ([email protected]) in the encryptor script
InputBox, password,, `n`nPlease input password:,,,,,,,, [email protected]
Msgbox, % "Please Change ([email protected]) to (3050302951): " hash

; Use the private password ([email protected]) in user script
InputBox, password,, `n`nPlease input password:,,,,,,,, [email protected]
Msgbox, % Func("getcode").Call( GetHash(password) )

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