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Spam and inappropriate content

05 Sep 2016, 16:19

As many of you know we have recently encountered someone that clearly has a new and unfortunate hobby.

As of this afternoon we have applied some additional logic to attempt to capture and prevent some of this. Be aware, a dedicated attacker like this will continue to find new ways. Our Moderators catch and delete this stuff pretty quick. but your email subject lines could still be victimized. We apologise.

In addition to re iterating our community goals to keep it clean safe and friendly, we recently were forced to disable our steadfast long time policy of allowing non authenticated users to post. Our entire team avoided this as long as possible. We sincerely regret the impact.

We are still holding off on disabling email notifications, that too may suffer due to this one bad apple.

This is not a server exploit. It is merely the result of someone scripting out messages for his/her/IT's own amusement. If it continues we may even engage law enforcement. Every event is logged for these incidents. we will overcome this like every other attempt to strike us down of the past.

Bear with us as we work to overcome this idiotic effort to spam our site with inappropriate content
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