Forum really really slow...

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Re: Forum really really slow...

04 Feb 2018, 10:16

As of 15:14 GMT on Sunday, Feb 4th it seems that it is working faster. The initial first topic loaded (this one) was snappier than it was for the last week. And then all other topic loads after have been really quick. Working out of midwest USA.
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Re: Forum really really slow...

04 Feb 2018, 10:25

the problem seems to have been in the firewall on the db server. resetting it restored performance
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Thanks Tank :thumbup:
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Re: Forum really really slow...

04 Feb 2018, 11:00

Yep, seems fine now. Thanks tank :thumbup:
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Re: Forum really really slow...

04 Feb 2018, 15:37

It's going great now thanks. Did anyone see the sloth scene from Zootopia? Although, it's quite a long scene, as you can imagine.
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Re: Forum really really slow...

04 Feb 2018, 19:34

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