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403 Error

19 Apr 2014, 04:38

I just joined and I'm getting a 403 error from ahkscript.org server. I haven't even posted yet, except for this post. I'm assuming my ip is banned. Why? I'm eyeballs deep into learning RegEx!
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Re: 403 Error

19 Apr 2014, 08:14

Which theme were you using. The site detected somthing you did as being scripted during a post. The code isn't perfect so I'm willing to lift the ban. But I need to understand what happened that triggered the ban
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Re: 403 Error

19 Apr 2014, 12:57

Hello, Tank! Thank you for the prompt reply. I am using the default theme and while posting a question on the forum i was banned. It was rather lengthy posting so I was switching between Notpad++ and the forum to properly format my posting. e.g Preview in wb. I was idle for a while just before I attempted to connect to ahkscript.org again. I am using Waterfox 24.0.

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