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list posts by date created/edited

04 Dec 2017, 03:17

- It seems that you can list posts by the date they were created, but not by the date they were modified (i.e. edited). E.g.
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- This is not a big deal for me generally, however, I like to back up my posts, particularly in order to search them for content (I save a lot of time by doing this), and if I could get a list of posts that I'd recently edited, this would help me avoid needing to compare every post I've ever written, with saved copies, to check for modifications.
- So, any information re. edited posts could be most helpful.
- It might be worth mentioning also, that posts can tell you that they've been edited since creation, but this only applies to posts that are not the final post, they might have been edited since creation but it won't state that.
- Thanks for reading.
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Re: list posts by date created/edited

04 Dec 2017, 22:01

I dont know.... if thats available?
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