Breaking image links

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Breaking image links

26 Mar 2019, 05:22 says I can post images

I try to https /I7bTeD6.png Broken Link for safety

and when saved it says Broken Link for safety.

What image hosting service works here?
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Re: Breaking image links

26 Mar 2019, 06:13

Sorry, due to recent spam attacks (including the heavy abuse of pictures), there exist certain posting restrictions at the moment for new accounts and older accounts with low post count/activity.

Anyway, I will move your topic to the 'Forum Issues' forum, since the 'Bug Reports' forum is for bug reports concerning AutoHotkey, not the forum.

Please see here for background information:
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Re: Breaking image links

27 Apr 2019, 13:17

you can attach an image to your post with the full editor preview button belo
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