Uploaded Image for New Users

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Uploaded Image for New Users

31 May 2019, 15:22

Hi, Love the forum. I'm still "New User" so everything needs to get approved.

Recenlty I tried doing my first post with an image, which I'm super new, to so had to read some forums, and ask around. Wasn't sure what exact Url needed to be in the image code.

So when I hit preview, no matter what type of url I type into image code, alwasy tells me link is broken, (for review) I'm guessing. Which is fine.

But after post got approved image didn't appear, so I'm guessing I had the wrong link. So I changed to what I thin is correct now, except I can't check. Also I don't think this will get reviewed, so I might have to erase post and put a new one, and hope that the code I'm using is the correct one.

So i just kind of gets messy. So if possible adding a more visible preview. With maybe an asterisk saying that image will need to get approved would work better, and might save me and probably moderators some extra work.

Off topic. When does one grow out of the "new user" phase? is it time based or post?
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Re: Uploaded Image for New Users

31 May 2019, 20:11

@tank Is this related to the "link breaker" ?
@eblanc I am guessing you did something like so?

Code: Select all

If so, then something is broken maybe? :think:
Image Image Image Image Image
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Re: Uploaded Image for New Users

02 Jun 2019, 19:11

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