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Create list of threads you started

12 Aug 2019, 11:59


How do you display a list of just the thread titles you initiated rather than all of your individual posts?

When logged in, you can click on your username and from there go to User Control Panel or User Profile. In each of these screens, there is an option to "Show Your Posts" or "Search User's Posts" and clicking either results in a list of your posts.

But how do you create a list, in chronological order, of just:

• the titles of threads you have created? Or
• the titles of threads in which you have posted — whether you created them or not?

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Re: Create list of threads you started

12 Aug 2019, 12:27

By using the advanced search options:
(fill in your name as author - then play with the other options)

This should do it for the two cases you mentioned for your account:

(like this, the topics are ordered by last post time, not by topic creation time - just tried, not sure, if the latter would also be possible with the right combo of options... )

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