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Re: v2-thoughts Discussion

11 Jun 2017, 14:06

Due to If (TRUE), MsgBox() shows an error, If (TRUE) {MsgBox(1), MsgBox(2)} would be fine. Or am I missing something?...
BTW, Good job ;)
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Re: v2-thoughts Discussion

21 Jun 2017, 22:33

Once again, this topic is not for general discussion of v2 or help requests. There are whole forums for that.

I have split this post into its own topic (which could just as appropriately have been posted in Ask for Help).
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Re: v2-thoughts Discussion

27 Sep 2019, 07:22

AHK v1.30 will still maintained or dead when v2 will released ?
Too many changes breaks my programs

Personnally I don't care of changes on Object v2... Object work fine in v1.1.31, AHK v1.1.* work fine
The most important is to implement Gui object in v1 and change syntax to remove % on method such as MsgBox % ...
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Re: v2-thoughts Discussion

03 May 2020, 19:38

I am by no means an AHK expert, but for v2 I would like to have $variable names, i.e. names which start with a $. Simply allow it as a normal character (like in Javascript) or as a mandatory prefix (like in PHP).

That way one can program syntax highlighting better (UDL files for Notepad++).

Also I would like to see ; at the end of the line. AHK has already ; as comments but v1 does not allow x := y; because it demands a space before the ;
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Re: v2-thoughts Discussion

21 May 2020, 03:54

I just wanted to say that I'm quite happy with the development of AHK v2 so far. I find these specific changes to be quite helpful:
  • The Type() function, and the more specific data types in AHK v2 make it easier to handle specific types of data, because they can be detected as their type more easily.
  • The new GUI object is amazing! With the ability to operate directly on the HWND of a TreeView or ListView, or to be able to easily get the text AND index of list-type controls, my code is better structured and more readable. It's also nice to not need to rely on DLL calls and additional libraries in order to accomplish these things.
  • The new syntax for the changed commands is quite helpful in being able to put more elements of code "inline".
  • There have also been a few instances where the handling of COM objects has been noticeably faster as well. I adapted @SKAN's Filexpro() for AHK2 and managed to get better performance out of it.
I'm afraid I don't have enough programming knowledge to comment on much of what the "big devs" are discussing in this thread and other threads, although I can say that I have understood probably over 50% of those discussions, and so far I have found the AHK v2 documentation (for a108) quite sufficient for the sake of learning not only AHK v2, but also gaining a deeper understanding of object usage, and the differences between the fundamental object types. The new capabilities of the GUI object motivated me to dive deeper into classes, and now I'm able to understand classes better as a result.

Just wanted to say thanks to the "big devs" and keep up the good work! I feel closer to "real programming" than I've ever been, and hopefully some day will make the leap to C++ (assuming my brain doesn't explode in the process). :-D :superhappy:

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