AHKv2.0 Reload \\ Sleep \\ Threads

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AHKv2.0 Reload \\ Sleep \\ Threads

11 Mar 2014, 10:16

I read the ideas that will realized in v2.0 and direction is right.
Simple and synonymous syntax.
Expression anywhere.
Try / Catch - simple mechanism.

And of course I start migrate to v2.0

1. Reload
In v2.0 some problem with reloading - time to time I got some Errors - reloading impossible - the same script v1.0 (_L) reloaded unlimited times.
2. Sleep
Sleep work by fits and starts instead of v1.0 (_L). I rewrite all my time dependent AHK codes to C (.dll library) but still when use Sleep no smooth running.
I think 1. and 2. are result by threading in AHK interpreter. I mention if hotkeys and timers Sleep not work well and script consume much CPU and RAM compared to v1.0 (_L) with same functionality.
AHKv2.0 alpha forever.
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Re: AHKv2.0 Reload \\ Sleep \\ Threads

11 Mar 2014, 16:43

Reloading, sleep and threads all work the same in every version of AutoHotkey. However, v2 behaves as though SetBatchLines -1 was used (the command has been removed). Does your script have these problems in v1 if you use SetBatchLines -1?

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