SetFont problem

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SetFont problem

16 Aug 2017, 15:07

SetFont command has a difficult problem.

If you need to set the font of the control frequently.
Then there are two options:
1, use GUI.SetFont, but this will lose the default font
2, use Control.SetFont, but will cause the display to be abnormal. For example:

Code: Select all

t:=Gui.addtext("x1 y0","aasdfsadgsdf")
s:=Gui.addtext("x1 y222","aasdfsadgsdf")"w444 h444")
So, can we add a more concise and direct way?
For example:

Code: Select all

Gui.addtext("f" hfont " x1 y0","aasdfsadgsdf")

	static	gs:=getdevicecaps(getdc(0), 90 ),this:={"width":[4, "uint"],"escapement":[8, "uint"],"orientation":[12, "uint"],"italic":[20, "uchar"],"underline":[21, "uchar"]
		,"strike":[22, "uchar"],"outprecision":[24, "uchar"],"clipprecision":[25, "uchar"],"pitchandfamily":[27, "uchar"],"charset":[23, "uchar"],"quality":[26, "uchar"]}
	varsetcapacity(logfont, 92, 0)
		rtlmovememory(&logfont, &pum_logfont, 92)
	if objhaskey( obj, "size" )
		numput( -muldiv( abs(obj.delete("size")), gs, 72 ),logfont, 0, "int" )
	if objhaskey( obj, "name" )
		strput(obj.delete("name"), &logfont + 28, 32, "utf-16")
	if objhaskey( obj, "bold" )
		NumPut(obj.delete("bold")?700:400, &LOGFONT,16, uint)

	for i,n in obj
		s:=this[i],NumPut(n, &LOGFONT, s.1, s.2)
	return CreateFontIndirect( &logfont )
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Re: SetFont problem

26 Nov 2017, 01:51

The display is not abnormal. The text is merely truncated because the control is not resized when you change the font. This is unlikely to change.

If you want to use a font handle, you can simply send the WM_SETFONT message.

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