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FileSelectFolder Dialog

Posted: 19 Jun 2014, 05:12
by toralf
The current FileSelectFolder dialog in AHK is a very basic one.
On newer Windows systems generally a more feature rich dialog is shown.
Maybe with v2 the dialogs of AHK could be 'upgraded'?

Just a thought.

PS: I searched this and the old forum and was not able to find any related topic. I hope I didn't repost.

Re: FileSelectFolder Dialog

Posted: 20 Jun 2014, 21:27
by lexikos
FileSelectFolder/DirSelect uses the SHBrowseForFolder function.
For Windows Vista or later, it is recommended that you use IFileDialog with the FOS_PICKFOLDERS option rather than the SHBrowseForFolder function. This uses the Open Files dialog in pick folders mode and is the preferred implementation.
Source: SHBrowseForFolder function
I personally think the Open Files dialog is not suited for selecting folders, and hated the 'new' Vista implementation. But even more than that, I dislike the fact that programs are required to use the new APIs to get the new interfaces. We end up with one of several different dialogs depending on how old the program is, or Windows 3.1 style file dialogs (even in programs which aren't 10-20 years old).

Anyway, I'd consider adding an option for the newer version of the dialog (on Vista+) and making it the default in v2, especially if someone else does the work.

Re: FileSelectFolder Dialog

Posted: 11 Oct 2018, 09:30
by kczx3
In the meantime, Flipeador wrote a very nice function for this here - ... Folder.ahk