[Wish] ElseIf

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[Wish] ElseIf

01 Jan 2018, 06:51

Related: a080: same-line if parsing error
lexikos wrote:I had planned to make a decision on whether to remove it or add same-line actions for other control flow statements (where possible). I was most likely going to decide to remove it, ...
Excellent, remove it.
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Re: [Wish] ElseIf

01 Jan 2018, 08:15

So your wish is to disallow same-line actions for else, try and finally, but instead add an elseif statement?

No thanks.

The only reason I gave in the "related" post does not apply to else, try or finally: they do not allow a delimiting comma in v2.
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Re: [Wish] ElseIf

01 Jan 2018, 17:33

1.elseif - will be step back in autohotkey syntax evolution - it is nothing more than else if.
2.Removing same-line actions - made script longer but more readable

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if isFunc("myFunc"), myFunc() ;one line
if isFunc("myFunc")	;one
	myFunc()		;two lines
AHKv2.0 use the future now.

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