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GUI | ImageButton & Toolbar Control (support)

20 Apr 2018, 19:15

I create this topic to propose two things:
  • Add support for ImageButton. I would like this to be implemented due to its "potential". I do not know if this has already been discussed, but from my point of view I would classify it as "high priority" (regarding GUI stuff). When you are going to create a nice user interface, I think this class can not be absent. This would give more use to the buttons, you can use it as an image, which changes when you pass the mouse over, without the need to register any type of message. I have some dialogs that use this class, and without it, it is not possible to make a nice dark interface. Obviously, and surely, you can find several other uses.
  • Toolbar Control. I do not see a reason why this type of control does not have support. I consider it very useful, surely many people would use it. Using several Button controls to emulate a Toolbar control, I find it awful, especially when you have to move them to adapt them to the current dimensions of the window.
It would be interesting to improve GUI, I consider one of the best things of AHK, super easy and pleasant to use. It seems incomplete without these things.

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