[Wish] Cleaner Concurrency and Coroutines

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[Wish] Cleaner Concurrency and Coroutines

27 Aug 2018, 03:22

Most of my code looks something like this:

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               convertImage := ObjBindMethod(Vis2.ux.process, "convertImage", obj)
               SetTimer, % convertImage, % -Abs(obj.service.textPreview)
which is alright, but something similar to Javascript's await/async or Go's go/chan would be much easier to work with than SetTimer and a global variable for synchronizing outputs. Importantly it would also create the foundation for integrating multithreading/parallelism upon the current framework of thread-switching/concurrency. I see AutoHotkey v2 has arrow functions and closures now, so better concurrency support would help modernize it!

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