Merging AutoHotkey_L and AutoHotkey_H Topic is solved

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Merging AutoHotkey_L and AutoHotkey_H

21 Mar 2019, 11:43

Hello. I've never had a need to use AutoHotkey_H so forgive me if it's a stupid question but maybe it's not since they are compatible.
My question is: isn't development of second AHK version (AHK v2) a good opportunity to merge this two projects into one?
Are there any technical obstacles preventing such merge?
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Re: Merging AutoHotkey_L and AutoHotkey_H  Topic is solved

24 Mar 2019, 07:55

AHK_H is an extended version so it it is 99,9% compatible and there is no need to merge.
AFAIK Lexikos is not interested in all the features I implemented and probably does not like my code and ideas.
Also he does not want to have MemoryModule since it is not officially supported by MS and can't load all dlls.

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