operator precedence and associativity

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operator precedence and associativity

24 Aug 2019, 10:58

Are there likely to be any changes to operator precedence or associativity?
Basically, just so that I can write scripts in advance with the correct parentheses.
And also to add relevant comments/warnings in any threads/tutorials.

E.g. will the precedence of 'NOT' be changed to match '!'. (Although I don't use 'NOT'.)
E.g. I think I recall something being said about - or **, here or on GitHub. But I couldn't find it.
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Variables and Expressions - Definition & Usage | AutoHotkey v2
Order of operations - Wikipedia
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Operators in C and C++ - Wikipedia
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Re: operator precedence and associativity

26 Aug 2019, 03:22

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