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18 Nov 2019, 12:23

Removed support for Windows XP.
I`m glad to here that. Do you plan to add some Win Vista+ features to v2?
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Re: v2.0-a107-03296ce9

23 Nov 2019, 20:53

SoundGet/SoundSet: The component and control types are currently based on the Mixer API, which is only used on 2000 and XP. These should be updated to closer match the capabilities of the Vista+ API. Support for SoundGet/SoundSet on 2000 and XP may be dropped entirely to simplify this.
Source: v2-thoughts
Changed TrayTip to specify the current small tray icon when the NIIF_USER (0x4) flag is used, and the large icon when NIIF_LARGE_ICON (0x20) is also used.
Source: AutoHotkey v2 alpha (UPDATES)
The change to TrayTip depended on targeting Vista APIs when including the SDK. It wasn't worth doing while supporting XP due to potential complications.

This change might facilitate other changes or additions that require Vista+, but I currently have no other plans for v2.0 relating to this.

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