[a112] ControlClick position mode requires "pos"

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[a112] ControlClick position mode requires "pos"

20 Jun 2020, 06:40

Hi all,

In {a112] this doesn't work:

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run "notepad"
winwait "ahk_exe notepad.exe"
controlclick "x60 y70", "ahk_exe notepad.exe"
A dialog box says that a control named "x60 y70" is not found.
It works only if the "pos" option in controlclick's 6th parameter is used. This is a (undocumented?) change in the behavior of controlclick - previously, if a control "x60 y70" was not found it would interpret "x60 y70" as coordinates. It also contradicts the documentation, which implies that the "pos" option in controlclick's 6th parameter is needed only if there's a control "x60 y70". It also contradicts the statement in the documentation that an exception is thrown if "The target control could not be found and Control-or-Pos does not specify a valid position." The actual behavior is - an exception is thrown if the target control could not be found, EVEN IF Control-or-Pos DOES specify a valid position, since (in a change from previous versions) if the target control "x60 y70" could not be found AHK does not try interpreting "x60 y70" as coordinates but instead throws (unless "pos" is used in controlclick's 6th parameter). Also, the documentation gives an example:

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ControlClick "x55 y77", WinTitle  ; Clicks at a set of coordinates. Note the lack of a comma between X and Y.
which actually throws since no control "x55 y77" is found.

Is this a bug or am I misunderstanding?
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Re: [a112] ControlClick position mode requires "pos"

21 Jun 2020, 00:13

It's a bug.

[Edit: Commit 694fbe1a should fix it.]

I would like to understand why you (and others) chose to post in the "v2 Development" forum. :?:
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