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basic terminology: hotkey, thread

24 Dec 2016, 17:45

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SendInput q
SendInput w
how do you refer to 'q::', a hotkey line, a hotkey trigger, a hotkey trigger line?
how do you refer to the 3 lines from 'q::' to 'Return', a thread?

apologies for such a basic question!
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Re: basic terminology: hotkey, thread

24 Dec 2016, 17:57

q::SendInput q would be one-line hotkey.

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SendInput q
q:: is a Hotkey + Label (you can do GoSub q), the line below is hotkey or label target and until Return I would call execution block.
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Re: basic terminology: hotkey, thread  Topic is solved

25 Dec 2016, 22:24

For q::, the documentation uses the term "hotkey label".

Altogether, the three lines can be referred to as a "subroutine".

A "thread" is not something you see in the script; it is part of the program's state while it is running.
The current thread is defined as the flow of execution invoked by the most recent event;
Source: Threads
If you think of it as data, a "thread" is a combination of an execution pointer (which line or instruction is currently being executed) and a bunch of settings and other information (like A_SendMode and A_Gui).

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