Move files of a certain dimension to another folder?

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Move files of a certain dimension to another folder?

13 Jan 2017, 14:28

I've got a folder with a bunch of images that get dumped in there regularly.

Would it be possible to create a script that found all images of X and Y dimension and moved them to a new folder and moved all images of A and B dimensions to another?
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Re: Move files of a certain dimension to another folder?

16 Jan 2017, 14:58

Example script to get image details using WIA:

Code: Select all

q:: ;image get info (via WIA)
vDir1 := "C:\Users\" A_UserName "\Pictures"
Loop Files, % vDir1 "\*", % "F"
	vPath := A_LoopFileFullPath
	SplitPath, vPath, vName, vDir, vExt, vNameNoExt, vDrive

;vPath := A_Desktop "\z my image.png"
;vPath := "C:\Users\" A_UserName "\Pictures\z my image.png"

oImg := ComObjCreate("WIA.ImageFile"), ComObjError(False)
vImgW := vImgH := vFrameCount := vIsAnim := ""
vImgW := oImg.Width
vImgH := oImg.Height
vFrameCount := oImg.FrameCount
vIsAnim := oImg.IsAnimated

vArea := vImgW*vImgH
vWHRatio := vImgW/vImgH
vHWRatio := vImgH/vImgW

vOutput = ;continuation section
dir: %vDir%
name: %vName%
width: %vImgW%
height: %vImgH%
area: %vArea%
W/H: %vWHRatio%
H/W: %vHWRatio%
frame count: %vFrameCount%
is animated: %vIsAnim%

oImg := "", ComObjError(True)
MsgBox, % vOutput
If it doesn't work (after you have tested it against a valid image file), it may be that you need to install WIA.

From ReadMe.txt in
To install the Windows Image Acquisition Library v2.0,
copy the contents of this compressed file to a directory on your hard drive.
Copy the wiaaut.chm and wiaaut.chi files to your Help directory (usually located at C:\Windows\Help)
Copy the wiaaut.dll file to your System32 directory (usually located at C:\Windows\System32)
From a Command Prompt in the System32 directory run the following command:
RegSvr32 WIAAut.dll
Other possibilities:
- get command line output from ImageMagick's identify.exe
- use ComObjCreate("Shell.Application") and GetDetailsOf

Useful links:
COM Object Reference [AutoHotkey v1.1+] - Page 8 - Scripts and Functions - AutoHotkey Community

WIA - Windows Image Acquisition ( - 2015-05-03) - AutoHotkey Community
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