registry (SetRegView): know if '32-bit' key and '64-bit' key point to the same key

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registry (SetRegView): know if '32-bit' key and '64-bit' key point to the same key

18 Feb 2017, 11:20

I'm working on a RegEdit clone, which is essentially finished.
(I wanted it for getting information, it wouldn't be too hard to add setting information.)
(It's keyboard-based, it would need a little bit of work to make it mouse-based also.)

What I would like to do is: given a key,
to show the values,
but if that key points to two different keys (based on 32-bit/64-bit mode)
to display the values for both keys,
and if the key only has values in one mode but not the other, to state this.

I can run SetRegView twice, to get all the information, but
that won't confirm whether the values are actually from the same location or not.
Also I could just run everything in 64-bit mode, and check for the existence of
a Wow6432Node key, every time a key is given, however, which keys do/don't have
Wow6432Node equivalents is pretty awkward. See:
Registry Keys Affected by WOW64 (Windows) ... p/aa384253
If there was a way to specify a 32-bit key path,
and get the *real* 64-bit key path (that it redirects to), that would be very useful,
and essentially solve all the problems.

So basically the question is: for a given registry key, to know
if the 32-bit key and the 64-bit key point to the same location.

Thank you for reading.
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