get redirected url (handle file links and focus loss)

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get redirected url (handle file links and focus loss)

19 Apr 2017, 19:19

I've written a function which aims to get the redirected (current) version of a url.

There are two problems with it:
- The View Downloads window appears if the url is a file link. I could check if the url ends in a common file extension, however, this does not always work. E.g.: ... all/master
- The active window loses focus every so often.

In case anyone has any ideas to solve these problems, or perhaps offer a quite different approach. Cheers.

Code: Select all

JEE_UrlGetRedirected(vUrl, ByRef vTitle="")
	if !InStr(vUrl, "://")
		return "[ERROR]" vUrl
	vUrl2 := "[ERROR]" vUrl, vTitle := "[ERROR]"
	oWB := ComObjCreate("InternetExplorer.Application")
	Loop, % 6000 ;6000*10 = 1 minute
		if oWB.busy || !(oWB.ReadyState = 4)
			Sleep, 10
			vUrl2 := oWB.document.url
			vTitle := oWB.document.title
	oWB := ""
	if (vUrl2 = "")
		return "[ERROR]" vUrl
	return vUrl2
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