ungettable text (Character Map/Excel/WordPad)

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ungettable text (Character Map/Excel/WordPad)

28 Apr 2017, 02:31

- Character Map e.g 'U+0021: Exclamation Mark' at the bottom of the window.
I since found out that getuname.dll's LoadString function is what Character Map uses to get the names of characters. Note: you can retrieve the same text in a different place, by hovering over the grid and grabbing the ToolTip text.
- Excel VBA Editor, Gauge element e.g. 'Ln 1, Col 1'. E.g. Excel 2003/Excel 2007.
I don't like the 'smart' behaviour of the Home key, if anyone has any ideas for preventing it and making sure that 'Home means Home'. Apart from doing ImageSearch for 'Col 1 ' or using A_CaretX (it fails if multiple characters selected, and returns -1956).
- WordPad (Windows XP version, ToolbarWindow32 buttons).
Other toolbars have worked fine with Acc and TB_GETBUTTONTEXTW but not this one. If you try the code below, you can retrieve the text from a WordPad toolbar button via Acc, but only when you're hovering over it. I.e. it's odd, you get all blanks apart from one non-blank.

I mention these because I've spent too much time on them, and the 'Home means Home' issue is still potentially useful, even though I prefer programming Excel VBA in AutoHotkey now. So based on the amount of time I've spent on these problems, and an inability to make progress, I mention them in case anyone has some other ideas.

Also I'm finishing some get/set text functions, so I was reminded of them, and I just had one last try.

Code: Select all

q:: ;Acc - get toolbar text
ControlGet, hCtl, Hwnd,, ToolbarWindow322, A
oAcc := Acc_Get("Object", "4", 0, "ahk_id " hCtl)
vOutput := ""
Loop, % oAcc.accChildCount
	vOutput .= oAcc.accName(A_Index) "`r`n"
Clipboard := vOutput
MsgBox, % vOutput
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