Notify() - Move all open Notifications down on close Topic is solved

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Notify() - Move all open Notifications down on close

21 Jun 2017, 02:57


i'm playing around with Notify() from gwarble. ( )
But now I'm stuck.
All notifications are stacked which is fine. But if a notication is closed there is a gap.
I would like to move all notifications above the closed one down to close this gap but my autohotkey skills are not good enough to make it work :think: :problem: :thumbdown:

Could someone give me a hint?

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Re: Notify() - Move all open Notifications down on close  Topic is solved

25 Jun 2017, 08:03

Its probably easier to modify Notify() to do it, but to do it script-side you would have to:

Keep track of the gui numbers when creating Notify()s (return value)
also compute the shadow's gui number (probably gui number + 25)
when one is closed (click, timeout, X...), check the location and height of all still visible, and move accordingly

you might be able to use Notify(,,,"Return=GNList") to get the return value of a "|" delimited list of shown Notify()'s that you can parse, but I don't remember exactly

Also, one of my favorite parts of Notify() is that you can create them from any number of scripts and they still stack, so to take that into account you wouldn't want to use return values, you'd want to detect all visible dynamically... They all have a title like "_Notify()_Gui_" or something so you could loop through them all, get their locations and heights, and do the math to see if there are any gaps and move accordingly.

This isn't trivial, but a good idea, I will add it to my to do list to build into Notify().
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