RegEx callouts: RegExMatch v. RegExReplace

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RegEx callouts: RegExMatch v. RegExReplace

26 Jun 2017, 15:58

RegExMatch and RegExReplace work differently during callouts. I'm not sure exactly why this is.

In my example below, I'm using the same RegEx needle, but changing whether RegExMatch or RegExReplace is used. Also, I'm changing whether the return value of the callout function is -1, 0 or 1.

Will RegExMatch/RegExReplace always give the same list of matches, when a return value of -1 or 1 is used?

Using a return value of 1, for both, is interesting for understanding how RegEx works.

Using a return value of 0, with RegExReplace, appears to be the best way to get *useful* results, although the more inclusive list when the return value of 1 is used, might be more useful sometimes.

Code: Select all

;M-1: 65
;M0: 65
;M1: 65,6,5,66,6,6,67,6,7,68,6,8
;R-1: 65
;R0: 65,66,67,68
;R1: 65,6,5,66,6,6,67,6,7,68,6,8

;q:: ;RegExMatch/RegExReplace work differently here
vOutput2 := ""
vList := "M-1,M0,M1,R-1,R0,R1"
Loop, Parse, vList, % ","
	vMode := A_LoopField
	oArray := []
	vText := "--65--66--67--68--"
	vRet := SubStr(vMode, 2)
	if InStr(vMode, "M")
		RegExMatch(vText, "(\d+)(?Cf)")
		RegExReplace(vText, "(\d+)(?Cf)")
	vOutput := ""
	for vKey, vValue in oArray
		vOutput .= vValue ","
	vOutput := SubStr(vOutput, 1, -1)
	vOutput2 .= ";" vMode ": " vOutput "`r`n"
Clipboard := vOutput2
oArray := ""
MsgBox, % "done"

	global oArray, vRet
	return vRet
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