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ControlClick Tip

08 Aug 2017, 20:59

Hello All! This is not a request for help but a share for reliability. I don't know where else to put this, so I thought here would be appropriate. In the past year, for my use of Control click it has been about 60-70 percent reliable in the scripts I have built. Perhaps, maybe the program I am using (VB6 program.. :crazy:) is the reason for the fail rate, although I thought it may help others.

Anyway, I found this post from 2006, learned from BoBo! (Many Thanks to user Thalon for sharing, and BoBo for origination!) ;if you are still around!! ;D

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Control, Check,, ControlNN, WinTitle
Using this ^ has been 100 percent success rate. This is when using control click hundreds of times a day, so I see this as a MIRACLE!

Source: ... nreliable/
Post By: Thalon

I got a good tip from BoBo:

Control,Enable,, Button1
Control,Check,, Button1

Works reliable in all scripts I use to Click fast!

#6 [ControlClick unreliable: post #6] - Posted 11 March 2006 - 04:33 PM

Hope this helps!

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Re: ControlClick Tip

09 Aug 2017, 03:45

Nice observation. Thanks for sharing. :thumbup:
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Re: ControlClick Tip

09 Aug 2017, 04:21

:o MG, these are my 15s of [fame] :lol: :thumbup:

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