Win-Key override works only sporadically on Windows 10

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Win-Key override works only sporadically on Windows 10

17 Jan 2018, 07:23

I use several hotkeys that include the Win key, including the Win key on its own. That has worked well for quite some time, even after switching to Windows 10. However, a few weeks ago (can't tell when exactly), I started noticing a somewhat unpredictable behaviour.

I have identified two sets of behaviours:
  • the AHK behaviour, as setup in my hotkey script
  • mixed behaviour:
    • Win key on its own: triggers the Start screen
    • Windows hotkey (e.g. #d): does nothing
    • hotkey that Windows does not care about: AHK behaviour
When I whitness the mixed behaviour, I can often get the AHK behaviour by alt-tabbing to different apps or activating the task bar, but not always. Also, the apps in which it works don't seem to be fixed, although there seems to be a bias such that the mixed behaviour would be more often in Windows built-in apps than in others. :eh:

I tried to work around the Start screen by delaying the AHK behaviour, but that didn't work. The Start screen was just delayed with it.

Any ideas, what I can do?

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