About AHKHID and HID Macros

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About AHKHID and HID Macros

17 Jan 2018, 09:11

Hi, I'm very new and novice with AHK, but even with the simplest of codings, I noticed that I greatly benefit from it. I use a comfortable keyboard with 8 multimedia keys and they are not sufficient anymore. As I checked the archived pages, I noticed AHKHID and HID Macros for possibly using secondary input devices for many more hotkeys. I plan to use a second keyboard, which is ready.

I saw that there are some explanations and warnings about AHKHID, which are about some limitation of its use, and but I'm not sufficiently knowledgeable about the explanations, I'm not sure what these mean. But I wanted to try it anyhow. I downloaded AHKHID.ahk from the archival pages, but clicking it, nothing happens. No tray icon appears, so it doesn't seem to work for me. What could be wrong about it? I have AHK software installed and I also smoothly run an ahk file with many small scripts.

I also downloaded HID Macros, and I successfuly tested its operation. But it appears that it doesn't accept AHK codes, and I'm not capable of coding Javascript or VBscript, if these are ever used for HID macros. I'm newly learning about and developing myself in AHK scripting.

I then noticed that I might make each script/function in my AHK file into an exe file, so that I can assign various keys of my second keyboard with the help of HID Macros, but I have so many small scripts that it's not feasible to make each of them into an exe file.

Then searching the related pages, I noticed the explanations in the page: https://autohotkey.com/board/topic/9185 ... ard-setup/

So there is a single ahk exe file, and you can call various scripts/functions from inside of it. But I couldn't run that example ahk either. ("doesn't contain a recognized action" type of errors). And even if it worked, could I just place each of my many scripts between those brackets and run/call them smoothly?

So, I need help about these:

1-How can I run and try AHKHID?
2-Is there a way for using (or transforming) AHK scripts in HID Macros?


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