I want my f4 button back! Topic is solved

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I want my f4 button back!

09 Feb 2018, 14:42


I used to use autohotkey for binding f4 and f7 as mediakeys on my mouse.
Now I dont need that anymore, and I would like their normal functionality back. I have f7 (dont know how)
but f4 is still unbindable ingame..

I have uninstalled Autohotkey, disabled scripts i think -

what to doooo :)
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Re: I want my f4 button back!  Topic is solved

09 Feb 2018, 15:37

If there is no AHK script running anymore, you already have it back! AHK Hotkeys and remappings are not permanent.

You could check in the windows system tray and especially in your task manager if there are any Autohotkey.exe processes left and close them (or reboot your computer, as long as you haven't placed shortcuts to your script(s) in your startup folder, which you would also have to remove).

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