IE 11 web form - script to fill in username and password

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IE 11 web form - script to fill in username and password

13 Feb 2018, 14:28

Hello, I am VERY new to this program and have been trying to figure out the answer to this question. I found a few older posts that answered something similar, but they were wither too specific or didn't do what I wanted. Let me explain...

The company I work for uses a single sign on redirect when we first open a browser. So I open IE11, attempts to go to our intranet homepage and redirects to (xxxx being company name). There are only 2 editable fields available: username and password. This SSO page comes up a few times for different websites, so I don't need a script that is naming a specific URL to launch or wait for, as this SSO url pretty much remains the same each time it loads. I just need a script that will allow me to use a hotkey that auto-fills my username and password when I see this page.

FYI: I AM EXTREMELY NEW!! I really don't have much experience with this program yet, so any help would be appreciated! Merci :)
Picture attached (red strikes out the company, not sure if I am allowed to publish their name)
screenshot of webpage
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