Hide/show Win10 "show hidden icons" button

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Hide/show Win10 "show hidden icons" button

21 Feb 2018, 18:05

Hi , I used this code in Win7 to hide and show the "Show hidden icons" button in the task bar but it doesn't work in Win10. Any suggestions welcome.

Control, Hide, , Button1, ahk_class Shell_TrayWnd
;Control, Show, , Button1, ahk_class Shell_TrayWnd

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Re: Hide/show Win10 "show hidden icons" button

21 Oct 2018, 09:31

That probably doesn't work in Win10 because/if there are more Buttons visible than there were in Win7. You can try these methods (read the comments for tips):

Code: Select all

^+7::ControlClick,Button2,ahk_class Shell_TrayWnd ; clicks the Show hidden icons ^ button so that even if the icons box is showing, it still shows instead of hides [you might want to trigger the same two times if it doesn't work, in some cases that might work more reliably]

  IfWinExist ahk_class NotifyIconOverflowWindow
    IfWinExist, ahk_class NotifyIconOverflowWindow
    WinHide ; Hide hidden icons if they were showing
    ControlClick,Button2,ahk_class Shell_TrayWnd ; Show hidden icons

^+9:: ; toggle show/hide the so called hidden tray icons METHOD 2 FOR ONLY SOME PURPOSES [confirmed working on Windows 10 BUT works ONLY if hidden tray icons box was already once shown!]
  DetectHiddenWindows, On
  IfWinExist, ahk_class NotifyIconOverflowWindow 
  ; Window Exists
    DetectHiddenWindows, Off    
    ; Check if its hidden
    IfWinNotExist, ahk_class NotifyIconOverflowWindow
    ; Script cant see it without detecting hidden windows, so...
    IfWinExist, ahk_class NotifyIconOverflowWindow
    ; Script sees it without detecting hidden windows, so..
  ; NOTE: #b and {Space} sometimes works for opening the hidden icons box, however if any traytip is showing, #b will focus on the corresponding systray item instead of the ^ button so that's not a reliable method!

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