Use a modifier with horizontal scrolling?

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Use a modifier with horizontal scrolling?

05 Mar 2018, 20:51

Hi, I'm kinda new to AHK and im making some scripts for general ease of use on my laptop. One thing that I always liked about macbooks is the two finger swipe to navigate pages. I made this script by assigning the horizontal scrolling left or right to pressing alt+left or right key respectively. Here is an example:

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WheelLeft:: Send, !{Left}
WheelRight:: Send, !{Right}
Now I also want to be able to use the horizontal scrolling function on my trackpad, so I was thinking of having it so when I am pressing alt and horizontal scrolling, it will actually horizontal scroll. The rest of the time, it will go back/forward. How would I do this? use an if/else condition? I was also thinking of maybe using fn as a toggle, so I press it and it the trackpad horizontally scrolls, and I press it again and it now goes forward/back. How could I do either of these and is the second one even possible? Thanks a lot for your help.

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