mousewheel sending random CTRLs?

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mousewheel sending random CTRLs?

19 Apr 2018, 11:45

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$!WheelUp::sendinput,{WheelUp 6}
$!WheelDown::sendinput,{WheelDown 6}
So i have this for fast scrolling.
But sometimes when i am using it page (browser, notepad, etc) gets zoomed in/out. Zooming key is CTRL+wheel by default so this should not happen.
Any ideas whats wrong?
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Re: mousewheel sending random CTRLs?

19 Apr 2018, 12:48

Try $!WheelUp::sendinput,{Blind}{WheelUp 6}

What $!WheelUp::sendinput,{WheelUp 6} ACTUALLY does when you roll the wheel up whilst ALT is held, is release ALT, send wheel up, then re-press ALT.
{Blind} mode stops this.

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