razer tartarus chroma D-Pad Help

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razer tartarus chroma D-Pad Help

20 Apr 2018, 09:00

Hi Guys, first post on here. I have some, but limited experience with AHK.

I need some help with getting 2 buttons to de-press when a button is released. As currently it just press and holds.

I have tried every possible combination within the Razer software macros (they are quite limited)

so the D-Pad is assigned to Up,Down,Left, Right and with the diagonals as 2 at a time. (however due to the nature of the macros it only allows for a press and hold on multiple buttons)
There is absolutely no way to get it to work solely off the razer macros, but they can however be adjusted accordingly.

therefore i need these keys to release with AHK when they are released. is this possible?

I believe the D-Pad will have special key names that will need assigning, but we can get to that later, just treat them as 1,2,3,4 respectively for now.

Thanks guys

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