Locking an ahk script to a discord window.

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Locking an ahk script to a discord window.

20 May 2018, 12:58

[note for people about to start typeing a thing about how selfbots are evil and make jesus cry: #1 its not for a spam bot its actually a fast delete bot, #2 This may be against the discord TOS but I don't see how it hurts anyone and anyway.]

Sorry for the first part I tried asking on the discord reddit page and got my post deleted and an angry DM from a moderator :D

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send, {up}
send, ^a
send, {BS}
send, {Enter}
sleep, 100
This works and does delete stuff very fast... however it seems to "escape" the discord window sometimes and mess up stuff. In order to prevent this I would like to lock the ahk script to the discord window ONLY. Note: before anyone says the obvious I did try ControlSend.

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