HTML Help file/folder icons

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HTML Help file/folder icons

01 Jun 2018, 22:37

HTML Help for chm files (e.g. older versions of AutoHotkey Help, AutoHotkey.chm) has some nice small file/folder icons in the treeview for the Contents tab. I wondered if anyone could figure out where those icons are stored, or suggest some nice alternatives. Thanks.

Btw there's a nice list of dlls that contain icons here:
How can I see which DLLs included in Windows contain icons? - Super User ... tain-icons
Here's the raw list:

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There were some good candidate icons in shell32.dll and mmcndmgr.dll.
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Re: HTML Help file/folder icons

02 Jun 2018, 00:00

Hi jeeswg,
You may find this article helpful: ... tive-icons

Note that the article has a second page. Cheers, Joe

Edit: I dug up an old AHK CHM file and saw these three icons, which is what I'm guessing you're looking for:
old ahk chm icons.png
old ahk chm icons.png (1.05 KiB) Viewed 958 times
I don't know where they're stored, but here are suggestions for alternatives:

file: icon number 16790 in shell32.dll
closed folder: icon number 372 in dmdskres.dll
open folder: icon number 373 in dmdskres.dll

Here's what they look like (extracted and converted to a 16x16/24-bit PNG for each one, then pasted into a single, larger PNG for posting here):
alternatives.png (998 Bytes) Viewed 958 times
Regards, Joe
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Re: HTML Help file/folder icons

02 Jun 2018, 03:06

MiTec Icon Explorer

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