Scrip copies a wrong box sometimes

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Scrip copies a wrong box sometimes

15 Jul 2018, 00:14

I wrote this scrip to help me with work. Most of the times it works 100% as coded. At random times it copies and pastes an incorrect cell. I cant figure out why it copies an incorrect cell sometimes. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that this is a web based form and there could be a delay in the calculation done by the website. Let me explain first how the [form ](

I first have to enter an amount into box 1. When I press tab the system will subtract that amount from box 2 and leave the remainder in box 2 and place the same amount into box 7. So if I enter 79 into box 1 press tab the system will type in 300 in box 2 and type in 300 into box 7. From there I continue entering data

For the reason of this explanation assume allowed=pmt allowed. If it doesn't the script performs a few extra steps.

The way my script works is as following. I place the cursor into box 1. Type in the amount and hit a hotkey. The script would then select the amount copy it> tab to box 2> copy that> tab to box 3 and wait for me to enter the "pmt amount" and hit enter. From there it will open an input box where I write a code for the "not allowed" amount" I would type in "co45" and hit okay the script then would type out co45 and past the "not allowed" amount and continue its work. For some reason from time to time the system pasts the "allowed" amount instead of "not allowed" I cant figure out why or how it copies an incorrect sell.

[Lines 111-140 Is the part that copies all the values. Lines 111-226 hast the rest of the code]( ... 0Scrio.ahk)

Was having issues in getting the code to display normally here.

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