Alt plus 2 keys hotkey

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Alt plus 2 keys hotkey

20 Jul 2018, 03:22

I’ve read some articles and reverse engineered a few things but...

Program I’m in has existing shortcut alt f x (to close a the software program) I don’t want to assign a single key to replicate this as there’s too many to remember and I’m familiar with existing shortcut sequence.

But don’t know how to write beginning of the script, I get errors at first line (alt f x)

Send, {LAlt Down}n{LAlt Up}
The alt n press closes a window pop ub box which asks you to confirm if the program wants to be backed up. n being no

Similarly existing program short cut alt 01

I want to press alt 01 and then get that to send tab 3 times?
Send, {tab}
Sleep 250
Send, {tab}
Sleep 250
Send, {tab}

Many Thanks in advance
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Re: Alt plus 2 keys hotkey

20 Jul 2018, 13:54

do not press a key combination but LAlt and two keys in sequence: eg.: LAlt 0 1

Code: Select all

	LAlt2Keys = LAlt
	While, (StrLen(LAlt2Keys) < 6)
		Input, Key, L1
		If !InStr("013",Key)		
		LAlt2Keys .= Key, Key := ""
	If IsLabel(LAlt2Keys)
		Gosub %LAlt2Keys%
	LAlt2Keys =
	Send, % Key
	Send, {tab}
	Sleep 250
	Send, {tab}
	Sleep 250
	Send, {tab}
	MsgBox, LAlt2Keys = LAlt10
	MsgBox, LAlt2Keys = LAlt31

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