Check status of a program with autohotkey

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Check status of a program with autohotkey

12 Aug 2018, 03:22

I am having some troublesome as switchinging to type Vietnamese, English and Korean frequently. I usually have to swich between these languages regularly.
Unfortunately, with Windows Pro 10 there is no TELEX mode for Vietnamese so I had to install Unikey to type Vietnamese in TELEX mode.

So here is what I did:
1. For Vietnamese/English use Unikey software. Press Ctrl + Shift to toggle between Vietnamese and English
2. For Korean/English I use Hangul/English toggle to toggle between Korean and English.
Please look at the attach picture to see more detail about these software.
However, these programs interfer with each other.
So to type Vietnamese I have to make sure that Hangul/English toggle is in English mode not Korean mode.
Similarly to type Korean I have to make sure that Unikey is in English mode so they do not interfere with each other.

For example, currently state for Korean typing: Unikey is set to English mode and Hangul/English toggle is in Korean mode.
Now I would like to switch to Vietnamese mode, then
I have to use at least 3 keys.
1. Ctrl + Shift to toggle Unikey to English mode
2. Press Alt to switch Hangul/English toggle to English mode

This is really annoying as I have to switching back and forth frequently.

I'd like to ask our members here if there is a method to make this simpler with Autohotkey.
I am planing to write a program as follows:

Type Vietnamese:
I just have to press Ctrl + Shift or some key then the program will check whether Hangul/English toggle is English or Korean mode. If it is in Korean mode then switch it to English mode also Unikey is switched to Vietnamese mode.
Type Korean:
I just have to press Alt then the program will check whether Unikey is English or Vietnamese mode. If it is in Vietnamese mode then switch it to English mode also Hangul/English toggle is toggled to Korean mode.

I am new to autohotkey and also I don't know how to check status of Unikey or Hangul/English toggle whether it is in Korean/English/Vietnamese mode so I can write a program.
So hope someone has some idea to do this.
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Re: Check status of a program with autohotkey

21 Apr 2019, 06:23

mình cũng hay phải chuyển giữa tiếng Nhật và tiếng Việt. Bạn đã làm được chưa, cần mình support thì mail theo địa chỉ: [email protected] nhé

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