RegExMatch - iterate through all matches

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RegExMatch - iterate through all matches

16 Aug 2018, 05:32

For a long time I have a question about RegExMatch, please help.

For example I have this

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RegExMatch("abc1 abc2 abc3 abc4", "(?P<_pattern>\w*?\d)", out)
In this scenario I have 4 matches and out_pattern is "abc1"

but how to iterate through all other matches? I mean somethink like this:
out[1]._pattern should be "abc1"
out[2]._pattern should be "abc2"
out[3]._pattern should be "abc3"
out[4]._pattern should be "abc4"
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Re: RegExMatch - iterate through all matches

16 Aug 2018, 07:19

What you can do with this is have a while loop go through each of the matches.

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While Pos := RegExMatch("abc1 abc2 abc3 abc4", "(?P<_pattern>\w*?\d)", out, Post+StrLen(out)
Msgbox % out
This will give a message box for each match that is found.

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