Detect screen changes and click where the change happened

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Detect screen changes and click where the change happened

21 Aug 2018, 13:44

Hey guys! :wave:
I'm pretty new at AutoHotKey. I am looking for an auto script that is monitoring a part of the screen:
If some change happens (for example, something pops up), the mouse moving there and after some delay it simply does a left click on the object. If in the specified delay time the object disappears, then do nothing, just continue the search. If one object found and the click complete, continue the monitoring and the search until I stop it.
What is possible procedures to make this script? How could I write this? Could you help me with this?

And an another:
How is it possible to detect a specified picture and if the picture is found on the screen, the cursor moves there slowly and does a left click?
Thank you in advance and sorry for the accidentel language mistakes. :)

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