Gui without taskbar button...alternatives to +ToolWindow?

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Gui without taskbar button...alternatives to +ToolWindow?

05 Sep 2018, 04:05

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Gui WithoutTaskbarButton: +ToolWindow
Are there alternatives to +ToolWindow (or +Owner...)?
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Re: Gui without taskbar button...alternatives to +ToolWindow?

06 Sep 2018, 21:42

iirc, the ITaskbarList COM interface can be used to remove specific windows from the taskbar (or add them).
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Re: Gui without taskbar button...alternatives to +ToolWindow?

08 Sep 2018, 06:27

See dllcall examples,

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  Example: Temporarily remove the active window from the taskbar by using COM.

  Methods in ITaskbarList's VTable:
      0 QueryInterface  -- use ComObjQuery instead
      1 AddRef          -- use ObjAddRef instead
      2 Release         -- use ObjRelease instead
      3 HrInit
      4 AddTab
      5 DeleteTab
      6 ActivateTab
      7 SetActiveAlt
IID_ITaskbarList  := "{56FDF342-FD6D-11d0-958A-006097C9A090}"
CLSID_TaskbarList := "{56FDF344-FD6D-11d0-958A-006097C9A090}"

; Create the TaskbarList object and store its address in tbl.
tbl := ComObjCreate(CLSID_TaskbarList, IID_ITaskbarList)

activeHwnd := WinExist("A")

DllCall(vtable(tbl,3), "ptr", tbl)                     ; tbl.HrInit()
DllCall(vtable(tbl,5), "ptr", tbl, "ptr", activeHwnd)  ; tbl.DeleteTab(activeHwnd)
Sleep 3000
DllCall(vtable(tbl,4), "ptr", tbl, "ptr", activeHwnd)  ; tbl.AddTab(activeHwnd)

; Non-dispatch objects must always be manually freed.

vtable(ptr, n) {
    ; NumGet(ptr+0) returns the address of the object's virtual function
    ; table (vtable for short). The remainder of the expression retrieves
    ; the address of the nth function's address from the vtable.
    return NumGet(NumGet(ptr+0), n*A_PtrSize)

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