Auto comment on google classroom

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Auto comment on google classroom

16 Sep 2018, 18:41

High school teacher here. I've been using google classroom to grade assignments and the google doc comment feature. However, when grading over 100 lab reports, I comment the same thing quite a bit. I would love a macro that opens the comment box, types a phrase, hits tab, and then submits the comment. So the full macro would be.

I press num pad 1:
- ctrl + alt + m (opens comment)
- "message gets typed"
- tab
- enter

I'd love to have a few scripts for each number key that I could change the message for, or a template I could adjust a few variables and copy.

I haven't really put much time into learning or researching ahk at all so I'm sorry if this has been asked a lot. Thank you for your help in advance!

Re: Auto comment on google classroom

28 Sep 2018, 02:10

Code: Select all

 ^!m: ;- ctrl + alt + m (opens comment)
Send "Message gets typed ;- "message gets typed"
Send {tab} ;- tab
Send {enter} ;- enter

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