Elgato Streamdeck with AHK

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Elgato Streamdeck with AHK

19 Sep 2018, 10:18


I've written a (mega) basic code in AHK which selects a window and activates a hotkey in that window:

ifwinexist, Eurex FGBL Dec18 ;identifies window
winactivate ;activates it
send, {space} ;re-centres
sleep 100 ;delay in milliseconds - could speed up if want
send, +t ;triggers liquidate hotkey (+{F1} and +{F12} are market orders)

I'm far from experienced coder (used matlab at Uni 10 years ago so have some basic understanding) but pretty sure I can assign this to a hotkey.

My question is, does AHK recognise hotkeys on an Elgato streamdeck? i.e. if i buy one, should it be straight forward enough to set it up so that that a hotkey on the streamdeck runs a script?

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