simple click on an app in the taskbar

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simple click on an app in the taskbar

24 Sep 2018, 05:40


I'm from macOS now I'm on Windows 10 PC for working (not my choice ;p)
I'm playing around with AutoHotkey to reproduce some nice thing I missed from macOS.

I would like to reproduce one I think most important :
when you click on App on the dock the os bring all windows of this app to front.

Do you think it's possible ?

With this i can bring all Git Bash windows to front (thank's for the autor)

Code: Select all

 Here is a script that will put on top all PuTTY windows. It is activated when pressing the 
WinGet, id, list, ahk_class mintty
Loop, %id%
    this_id := id%A_Index%
    WinActivate, ahk_id %this_id%
So can you help me for the task bar part ?

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