Dont send if X before Y

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Dont send if X before Y

25 Sep 2018, 11:59

Massive AHK Noob here, Im using AHK as a keybinder for gaming.

I have my binds set to my number pad, however this means I cant use my number pad for IG typing as it send the binds
I need some code that, When I press T to bring up the text box IG, Will ignore any numpad input until i Either press enter or esc. So it will ignore my Sendinputs while the text box in on screen.

I hope this makes sense, Any help would be great.
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Re: Dont send if X before Y

25 Sep 2018, 13:17

You could do something like this

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Toggle := True

Toggle := False

T:: Toggle := True
Then to the rest of your code where you have commands just add the following just after the hotkey activates

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If (Toggle = True)

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