listing processes / recreating ProcessExist

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listing processes / recreating ProcessExist

20 Nov 2018, 18:21

tl;dr a documentation example can list all PIDs and process names (e.g. notepad.exe) (if admin mode is on), is this true also for the ProcessExist function (if so, how is this done in the source code, is this done with/without GetProcessImageFileName)

- This question is about 2 Winapi functions: GetProcessImageFileName and EnumProcessModules, and the AHK function ProcessExist (AHK v1: Process-Exist).
- I tried to translate the AHK source code (C++) for ProcessExist into AHK. It works, but fails to obtain the process names for around 75% of PIDs, this is fixed by using GetProcessImageFileName as a fallback (getting names for an extra 25% of PIDs, making around 50% of PIDs in total). However, AFAICS, the AHK function obtains all of those names without using GetProcessImageFileName.
- Also, the ProcessExist source code uses EnumProcessModules, but this appears to be redundant.
- I'm posting in case anyone can confirm whether the AHK source code is handling the 'GetProcessImageFileName' process names, and if so, how.

Code: Select all

;code based on:
;[EnumProcessModules approach:]
;ProcessExistNT4 (script_autoit.cpp)

;additional code using GetProcessImageFileName based on:
;[GetProcessImageFileName approach:]
;Process - Syntax & Usage | AutoHotkey
;Retrieves a list of running processes via DllCall()

q:: ;list PIDs and process names
vDoEPM := 0 ;EnumProcessModules, appeared to make no difference
vDoGPIFM := 1 ;GetProcessImageFileName as a fallback, got more results

if !hModule := DllCall("kernel32\LoadLibrary", Str,"psapi.dll", Ptr)
vSize := 4096
VarSetCapacity(vArrayPID, vSize)
vSize2 := 0
DllCall("psapi\EnumProcesses", Ptr,&vArrayPID, UInt,vSize, UIntP,vSize2)
vCount := 0
vOutput := ""
vTotal := vSize2 // 4
;MsgBox, % vTotal
Loop, % vSize2 // 4
	vPID := NumGet(&vArrayPID, A_Index*4-4, "UInt")
	if !hProc := DllCall("kernel32\OpenProcess", UInt,0x410, Int,0, UInt,vPID, Ptr)
		vOutput .= "1`t" vPID "`t____`r`n"

	if vDoEPM
		VarSetCapacity(hMod, A_PtrSize, 0)
		VarSetCapacity(vSizeNeeded, vSize2, 0)
		NumPut(A_PtrSize, &vSizeNeeded, 0, "UInt")
		DllCall("psapi\EnumProcessModules", Ptr,hProc, Ptr,&hMod, UInt,A_PtrSize, Ptr,&vSizeNeeded)
		;MsgBox, % Format("0x{:X}", A_LastError) ;ERROR_PARTIAL_COPY := 0x12B
		hMod := NumGet(&hMod)
		hMod := 0

	vChars := 260
	VarSetCapacity(vPName, vChars*2, 0)
	if vRet := DllCall("psapi\GetModuleBaseName" (A_IsUnicode?"W":"A"), Ptr,hProc, Ptr,hMod, Str,vPName, UInt,vChars, UInt)
		SplitPath, vPName, vPName
		vOutput .= "2`t" vPID "`t" vPName "`r`n"

	;GetProcessImageFileName not mentioned in AHK source code
	if !vRet
		if vDoGPIFM
		&& DllCall("psapi\GetProcessImageFileName", Ptr,hProc, Str,vPName, UInt,vChars, UInt)
			SplitPath, vPName, vPName
		vOutput .= "3`t" vPID "`t" vPName "`r`n"
		Process, Exist, % vPID
		vIsPID := ErrorLevel
		if !vIsPID
			MsgBox, % "ProcessExist failed: " vPID
	DllCall("kernel32\CloseHandle", Ptr,hProc)
DllCall("kernel32\FreeLibrary", Ptr,hModule)
Clipboard := vCount "`r`n" vOutput
MsgBox, % vCount " / " vTotal "`r`n" vOutput
- Note: the example from the documentation, which uses GetProcessImageFileName and handles privileges, when run as admin, gives a complete list of process names.
Process - Syntax & Usage | AutoHotkey
Retrieves a list of running processes via DllCall()
- (Likewise Task Manager shows more process names when you run as admin by clicking 'Show processes from all users'.)

- Part of the reason I looked into this, was to see which techniques gave the most results.
- Both of these techniques appear to give the same lists in the same order: EnumProcesses (demonstrated above) and:
ComObjGet("winmgmts:").ExecQuery("Select * from Win32_Process")
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