terminology: statement separator, statement terminator

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terminology: statement separator, statement terminator

17 Jul 2019, 11:11

The documentation mentions 'statement separator', but not 'statement terminator':
Scripting Language | AutoHotkey
Line breaks are meaningful: Line breaks generally act as a statement separator, terminating the previous command or expression. (A statement is simply the smallest standalone element of the language that expresses some action to be carried out.) The exception to this is line continuation (see below).
Perhaps 'statement terminator' is more correct, and perhaps 'statement separator' is arguably wrong. Perhaps both are correct.

This page distinguishes between the two terms, but then refers to 'statement separator-terminator' in the table, as though they were one concept:
Comparison of programming languages (syntax) - Wikipedia

This page refers to 'multi-statement':
Variables and Expressions - Definition & Usage | AutoHotkey

So, the best choice of language is a little unclear. Perhaps one could say that statements can be separated in AutoHotkey: via commas (except for control flow statements/commands/directives) and line breaks, unless line continuation is used.

How best to complete these sentences?
In AutoHotkey, the statement separator is ...
In AutoHotkey, the statement terminator is ...
(Perhaps line break for both, with the following side note: comma to separate expressions.)
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